Cytomic was formed in December 2007 as a company dedicated to producing DSP plugins using analog modeling based on quality algorithms, with a focus on ease of use and reasonable pricing. Cytomic software is currently in use by top musicians and has already featured on multiple number one singles on Beatport.

Cytomic is very much a boutique and family run business, with the husband and wife team of Andrew and Emma Simper as the backbone, and help from various close knit and talented contractors from time to time.


Andrew Simper

Hailing from Perth in Western Australia, and having an joint degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Andrew is the co-founder of Cytomic, and is the main technical geek. He previously worked on contract to a UK based plugin company where he was instrumental in product design and DSP coding for Synth Squad. Andrew is the public face of Cytomic.

Emma Simper

Emma has a background in business, marketing, and HR having worked at many major firms such as Credit Suisse, Brambles, and RBS. She keeps Cytomic running smoothly and manages most non-technical aspects including sales, accounts, product management, planning, and marketing.

Technical Papers

Cytomic has published some Technical Papers of various signal processing algorithms to contribute and share knowledge with the audio and engineering community.


Listed in alphabetical order:

  • Creative Order - if you like the Cytomic logo and "Cytom" speaker critter then check out them out, they do graphic design and branding. This web page will soon look much better after we get the Creative Order team to make it over as well.
  • Juce by Raw Material Software - operating system and plugin format abstraction code, this framework helps us get on with coding plugins instead of worrying about all the fiddly stuff to do with writing applications that work on Windows and Mac
  • Ohm Force - plugin developers of Ohmicide, Minimosta
  • Sonic Charge - plugin developers of SynPlant, uTonic
  • Symbiosis by NuEdge Development - Audio Unit wrapping code
  • U-He - plugin developers of Zebra, Diva
  • XFer Records - plugin developers of Serum, LFOtool