Ableton And Cytomic


Cytomic is proud to announce a collaboration with Ableton, including the inclusion of The Glue as a native Live 9 device, and development of a new algorithm for their EQ 8 device.

The Live 9 device Glue Compressor features the same award winning algorithm of The Glue, as well as an integrated sidechain selection and EQ panel.

The new algorithm for EQ 8 is an analog model of a linear SVF circuit, and as such shares the excellent noise performance, as well as ultra smooth modulation properties, of the ideal circuit. The cutoff of EQ 8 can be swept smoothly with automation without the horrible artefacts of commonly used EQ algorithms.

Cytomic looks forward to helping out with further advice and improvements to the outstandingly intuitive and wonderful Live software made by Ableton.