The Glue

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Price: USD 99.00

The Glue is an analog modeled compressor plug-in based on The classic 80's British big console buss compressor with some additional features. It uses the same high quality algorithms used in circuit simulation packages but optimised for real time use. It's quick and easy to use and has an uncluttered interface.

Additions over the original circuit include an ultra-fast attack time of up to 0.01mS and a Range knob which backs off the compression to give incredibly natural sounding attacks and limits the maximum amount of compression applied. Also included are external sidechain support and an adjustable sidechain highpass filter.

The Glue - Installation and Quickstart.pdf

The Glue - Release Notes.pdf

Cytomic - Software License Agreement.pdf

Audio Units RTAS VST Mac OS X Universal Binary Windows Vista Computer Music Performance Award Computer Music Value Award Future Music Platinum Award

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Download one of the following versions, unzip it and read the included Installation And Quick Start Guide for further details.

The Glue v1.3.6 Downloads (26 Mar 2015) - runs in TRIAL / DEMO mode if not authorised

Audio Examples

Kasper Keys Dry

Kasper Keys Glued

Pumping of the synth using a sidechain from the drums to give the synth rhythm, which is soloed at the start of the clip with the drums turned down so you can clearly hear the effect. Some gentle mastering compression rounds off the whole mix. Synth by Magnus Lidström using SynPlant, drums and compression by Andrew Simper using MicroTonic and The Glue.

Doof Dry

Doof Glued

Ahh, so that's how they do it!; This slightly flat sounding doof doof song is turned into a slamming dance tune - and all done with a single copy of The Glue on the entire mix. By fjolle.

Thuric Subdoloth Dry

Thuric Subdoloth Glued

Heavy master buss compression to lift and ambience and make the whole loop pump with life. Automatically generated pattern by the The µTonic Patternarium for MicroTonic.

Freon Surfer Dry

Freon Surfer Glued

Heavy master buss compression to make the synth pump through the drums. A preset loop from MicroTonic

Three very different sounding acoustic drum loops have been processed with the same setting of The Glue, and are display first dry then limited with The Glue in three pairs below. The light grey waveforms are the dry audio and the yellow waveforms are the limited ones. As you can see the levels vary greatly on the dry waveforms and are very consistent on the yellow, peaking at around -6 dB.

Drums Roomy Dry

Drums Roomy Limit

Drums Kick Dry

Drums Kick Limit

Drums Snare Dry

Drums Snare Limit

Three different acoustic drums loops are processed with the same setting of The Glue. You shouldn't hear much difference between the dry and limit versions but as you can see from the image above there is a big difference in the peak levels. Drum pattern and sounds are from BFD Eco

Drums Roomy Glue

Drums Roomy Analog

Drums Kick Glue

Drums Kick Analog

Drums Snare Glue

Drums Snare Analog

A/B examples between The Glue and the analog hardware its based on with an extreme setting to highlight any possible differences in character between the two. If the two sound identical to you then this is a good thing since the analog hardware is over 30 times the price! Drum pattern and sounds are from BFD Eco

Looking for the uncompressed dry and processed 24-bit wav versions? Here they are!

Feature Summary

  • Accurate analog model of classic 80's British big console buss compressor
  • Ultra-fast attack time of up to 0.01 mS
  • Range knob to naturally control the maximum compression applied
  • Peak Clip to optionally hard limit transients
  • DSP coded using C++ and assembler, Interface coded using the Juce framework (C++)
  • Serial number copy protection with generous license agreement (but no license transfers)

Circuit Modeling and DSP

The Glue features the same circuit modeling techniques use in professional circuit simulation packages but optimised for real time use. The signal flow structure including all feedback loops and useful non-linearities of the original circuit has been preserved. The algorithm uses actual values for resistors, capacitors, diodes, and other circuit components. The voltages and currents are solved in real time and match as closely as possible to the analog circuit in both the time and frequency domains.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Vst 2.4, Au, or Rtas compatible host that can handle 4 input 2 output plugins (stereo sidechain)
  • Mac: Intel OS 10.5
  • Win: XP / Vista / 7 with SSE2 CPU

Tested And Working Hosts

If your host is not listed below then please make sure the trial version is working correctly before you purchase.

  • Logic v7.x, 8.x, 9.x
  • Live v6.x, 7.x, 8.x
  • Pro Tools v8.x
  • Cubase v5.x
  • Reaper v4.x
  • Sonar v7.x


“How does their plug-in compare with established offerings from Waves and UA? ... The Glue sounds more open and has a more defined stereo width — and it certainly provides ‘the glue’ on a variety of instruments. It's kind of a ‘more of everything’ compressor, and at a great price too!”
Computer Music Value Award
“...both the Mix and Range controls add a host of options for dialling in the compression flavour, and in practice we found this made The Glue an incredibly flexible compressor not just for use on the master bus, but for individual instruments too... The Glue is a world-class pulg-in and, at $99, we reckon it offers amazing value.”
- Computer Music Magazine Issue 164, view online version at Music Radar
Future Music Platinum Award
“'s time to measure it up against my own SSL. I fed both compressors the same loops and they squashed and snapped the audio like two peas in a pod. Cytomic have got very close to the SSL flavour, but with the advantage of faster attack times, and the extended range control to bring it up to date for the virtual studio.”
“Let me cut to the chase. The Glue is a magic lamp. It's one of those tools that immediately makes you go, ‘So that's how they do it!’ It's also mindlessly simple to use... If you're making music that relies on thump-you-in-the-chest punch, this could be the only compressor plug-in you'll need for a long time. Seriously.”